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We speak Spanish, German & English.


Whether rehabilitation or prevention:

The road back to your old strength doesn't have to be a rocky one. With our holistic concepts, we contribute to your complete recovery with the greatest possible care. We ensure our competence in therapeutic questions through years of experience in fields of physiotherapy.


Our team of physiotherapists in Can Picafort is aware of how valuable the health of our visitors is. Our mission is to guide them in rehabilitation after accidents, correction of bad posture or strengthening of their musculoskeletal system. Accordingly, we offer well-founded knowledge of supervised physiotherapy so that your body becomes or remains mobile, strong and resilient. To this end, we instruct you in both equipment-based and free exercises. Through regular further education in different areas of physiotherapy, our therapists are also always up to date with the latest developments for you.


Our treatments

Manual therapy

Specially for movement restrictions of the joints, while the entire musculoskeletal system is treated.

Classical massage therapy

Relieves existing discomfort and structural changes in muscle and connective tissue.

Wellness massage therapy

Wellness massage focuses on the relaxation of body and mind. A massage is primarily for physical relaxation and, when used regularly, also has a positive effect on the mind and soul.

Respiratory physiotherapy

Specific respiratory therapy to help you recover from the consequences of the flu / COVID / or any respiratory pathology (COPD, asthma, etc.)


  • Improve the feeling of fatigue, shortness of breath and muscle weakness

  • Improve lung capacity (inspiratory and expiratory)

  • Promote the excretion of mucus

What does the pack include?

  • 4 individualized 30-minute physiotherapy sessions (respiratory, manual therapy, specific exercise)

  • Individualized exercise plan to accelerate the recovery process

  • Access to facilities for 1 month


Get in shape to face the tourist season, prevent injuries and improve your quality of life!

What does the 1 month package include?

  • 2 group therapeutic exercise classes each week (60 min)

  • Access to the facilities autonomously for 1 month

  • Direct care with physiotherapists


Injuries or discomfort due to hard seasonal work?

Lumbar pain, cervical pain, tendonitis, etc.?


Put yourself in the hands of physiotherapists to put an end to those pains.


What does the pack include?

  • 10 30-minute physiotherapy sessions

  • Individualized therapeutic and/or preventive exercise plan


Therapeutic and athletic care for professional and amateur athletes


  • sports massages

  • Muscle relaxation and acceleration of recovery

  • Plfunctional antilles for running and cycling shoes

  • Therapeutic exercise

  • Time:30 min/ 45 min/ 60 min



We go where you say and evaluate what you need!

  • Mobility recovery

  • Fall prevention

  • Balance improvement

  • Treatment of neurological diseases

  • Cardio workout

  • Therapeutic massages

  • Time: 20 min / 40 min

FISIOFIT Can Picafort SL

Passeig Colón, 58

07458 Can Picafort


Tel. +34 624238159

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